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At New 2 You, we turn second hand furniture into an upscale experience for people with learning difficulties.  We’re committed to providing high-quality, gently used merchandise to the community in a tasteful, affordable way. We also accept donations of furniture and white goods.

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Here you’ll find a wide selection of quality sofas and Chairs. No one will be the wiser as to where you bought your desired merchandise. Our entire selection features top quality recycled furniture resold at bargain prices. Check out our inventory today and spoil yourself.

4Rs - New 2 You, have an expansive selection of bedroom furniture from beds to chest of drawers and wardrobes. We will have something to match your tastes. Don’t miss out — shop now and enjoy a great variety and even greater savings.

Looking for a new dining table? or Still working from home?

We have got you sorted have a look at our wide variety of tables, chairs and desks. 

Get the style you want at a price you can afford. Shop today for true customer satisfaction.

At 4Rs - New 2 You, you’ll find a wide range of tasteful items to decorate your home. All items in our inventory are hand-selected for their uniqueness, so we can satisfy your individualised tastes and preferences. Get the style you want at a price you can afford. Shop today