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Updated: Aug 13, 2021

At New 2 You we take your unwanted old furniture and electrical items and make them into something new. We rescue what might be wasted and create a whole new item for someone to take home.

We all need to redecorate occasionally. Out with the dusty old desk, the moth-eaten couch. The old stuff often ends up in landfill where it can pollute the land and contribute to environmental issues or even harm our health. New 2 You are here to change that! Each appliance or item donated goes through a journey with us:

Donate – Reduce – Reuse – Recycle – Reskill - Sell

This whole process helps both community and environment. Donating items and allowing us to re-sell them helps to cut consumerism of new products. Use of new resources is therefore reduced, as well as the whole process of sourcing and manufacturing them – which can require a lot of energy.

Drop your pre-loved goods off at the furniture donation point. We set this up at Pennyburn Recycling Centre so it is easy to access and it's in the same spot you might take other household recyclables. We take cookers, washing machines, and furniture as long as it's fixable and hasn't been left out in the weather.

We need local people, to help us make change happen. When the community donates their furniture and electrical goods to us, our skilled team take up the challenge of fixing and repurposing them. We give members of our community an opportunity to learn a new trade and gain skills for future employment. These include fixing and upcycling furniture, as well as extras like varnishing and painting. Using donated appliances and electrical items we can teach electrician skills. New 2 You also offers courses offered to pupils at local schools and colleges.

Our advice

  • Our 4Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Reskill) provide a motto to work by that works for the environment and for our local community. We can do good with things we don't want, like old furniture or appliances, and people in our area can turn those into something better for someone else to use and enjoy.

  • We focus on inclusion, because there are members of every community who are in need of support and a chance to build their skills. Equally, without those people we couldn't get their job done and make the world a better place. We work together in a way that works for everyone.

  • Supporting people, helping communities, building a greener tomorrow.

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