What has the #Homesforall project been up to?

The #Homesforall project aim is to highlight the ongoing problem of hidden homelessness and address the stigma of being homeless and support individuals transitioning from homelessness. In total, 4,026 households presented as homeless to the Northern Ireland Housing Executive during July-September 2021. Almost 400,000 people are living below the poverty line in Northern Ireland, 27% are in the Derry and Strabane district.

The #Homesforall Project has helped six families from the Derry and Strabane district who are deemed to be 'Hidden Homeless'. These Families benefited from a range of furniture and white goods.

We have also set up an interview clothing scheme and have a laptop/printer available for participants to use. One of the main focuses is to provide help and support to individuals wanting to return to employment and education.

We also offer individuals to attend DIY programmes (Joinery, Upcycling and White good maintenance) to further improve skills and abilities and to reduce isolation within the community. The #Homesforall project is about helping and supporting individuals in all aspects of their lives.

We have independent benefit advisors, that we can refer our participants to, and we are liaising with Men’s Action Network and La Dolce Vita Project who are providing counselling for participants of the #Homesforall project.

Better Bodies Fitness is also supporting the project by offering one free class a week for participants of the #Homesforall project to help build up their confidence, self-esteem, and physical health

We would like to thank Claude’s Cafe for their generosity and kindness for providing Christmas Day dinner for two participants who would otherwise have spent Christmas alone and in isolation.

The #Homesforall project kindly donated 25 large food hampers at Christmas put together by students from St Mary’s college. The hampers had been distributed out to participants of #Homesforall, Active Inclusion, Methodist City Mission, Damien House, Foyle Valley House, La Dolce Vita Project and the Foyle Food Bank. We would like to thank St Mary’s on behalf of the families and individuals who received a food parcel, it has been a lifeline for many.

The #Homesforall project has an emergency food pantry in store for any participants who may need extra help and we are also a referral agency to the Foyle Food Bank. We are also conducting follow up phone calls with the service users to see how they are progressing, if they are satisfied with the service provided and to determine if they need further advice or support by referral to additional services.


Case A: ‘Thank you so much for taking the time to check up on me and see how I am getting on. I really appreciate all you have done for me. Thank you again’

Case B: ‘I was very satisfied with the service provided and can’t thank you enough’

Case C: ‘I would just like to thank you for your kind donations of furniture, you have really helped my family and you don’t know how much we appreciate what you have done’

Our Pledge

The #Homesforall pledge will enable us to cover the cost of materials for the DIY courses that we offer, clothing for the interview scheme, food for the emergency food bank, pay for individuals to take part in DIY courses, pay for oil and gas for participants who are in need.

"We would like to thank all the local businesses for supporting the #Homesforall Pledge and helping to remove the stigma of being homeless"

We would like to thank ARC Fitness, Claude’s Cafe, McMahon’s, So Good Juice, Wildflower Custom Design, St Mary’s, SWS JV Construction, ChallengeCurve, Better Bodies Fitness, Timberquay, Heron Bros and Pyke ‘N’ Pommes for supporting the #Homesforall Pledge.

Donor Focus- ARC fitness

What do you do?

ARC Fitness is a Not-For-Profit social enterprise based in Derry/L’Derry. Our unique approach to tackling the stigma of substance misuse enables individuals and their supporters to improve their mental and physical wellbeing through physical activity, professional support, education, and community. ARC supports individuals with substance misuse and helps individuals stay on the road to recovery. Our exceptional and professionally trained team provide physical activities, education programmes, therapies and support for people seeking life after addiction.

We empower individuals, providing them with tools that enable them to make positive and informed choices about their recovery and lifestyle choices. We are aware that the ripple effect of addiction reaches far beyond the individual. Our services also expand to, family support, 1-1 therapies, community & voluntary partnerships, school projects, and corporate programmes. Above all else, ARC offers HOPE for life beyond addiction. Find out more at: Arc Fitness - Addiction Recovery Coaching

How can your organisation help our service users?

There is increased risk of problematic substance use associated with people who experience homelessness, of course, not every homeless person has problems with drug or alcohol abuse. People who experience homelessness and use substances however have particularly complex circumstances and additional risks which require additional support. ARC’s open and non-judgmental approach to substance misuse and recovery can enable individuals get the support, structure and help required to regain control of their substance use within a supporting environment.

Thank you, Gary for a greater insight into ARC fitness.

#Homesforall focus going forward

  • Engaging with local schools in Derry and Strabane to raise awareness of homelessness.

  • Conducting a pilot scheme for volunteering week 7th-13th February for schools to get involved in their local community.

  • We also have volunteering positions for a project assistant:

  • We will also be attending the conference for Policy Forum for Northern Ireland-Next steps for housing policy in Northern Ireland- strategy and reform, tackling homelessness, and priorities for housing supply, quality and sustainability. The conference will take place on the 7th February.

  • We will consistently engage with the local community and supporting those who need assistance to make their house a home.

  • We look forward to meeting the supporters of the #Homesforall Pledge and delivering their plaques. We would like to thank everyone for their generosity and support, it is greatly appreciated.

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