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4Rs Shed

Why not “Learn a Little and Laugh A lot” at the New 2 You 4Rs Workshop with our expert tutors?

The Shed offered basic joinery, upcycling and white goods diagnostic and repair. Each topic is for 2 hours per week, over 6 weeks and costs £30 per person.


Upcycling enabled the participants to work on a project either something they brought from home or something they purchased from our showroom.


In the basic joinery course, participants learned how to work with hand tools and after learning the basic joints were able to construct a small stool/table.


White Goods and Diagnostics looked at the common faults within domestic washing machines and tumble dryers, and how to repair these safely, over the 6 weeks. Our technician is currently off work with an injury, but we hope to be able to offer this course as soon as he returns to work.


For more information

Call us: 028 7136 0453


Mayor visit for launch of our DIY classes
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